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Ian Crowther eats Hákarl

Your narrator eating the traditional Icelandic dish, hákarl, which is fermented shark.

My name is Ian Crowther and I am Lousy with the Spirit and this is my portfolio.

This site was built on a MacBook Pro that’s getting on in the years, with Photoshop, Illustrator, SubEthaEdit, Transmit and Firefox (with the Web Developer Toolbar installed). It’s hosted by Dreamhost and running what I hope is the latest version of WordPress. The design was mostly completed in Carlisle, Massachusetts on my parents’ kitchen table, and the coding, cropping, color correcting and uploading is being done in Red Hook, Brooklyn, while listening to the jukebox in the bar downstairs through the floor, WFMU, WNYC, Spoon, Yeasayer, Hank Williams and Sunburned Hand of the Man.

The headline font throughout is League Gothic, an open source revival of Morris Fuller Benton’s Alternate Gothic No. 1, published by the League of Movable Type and served by Typekit. Also in use are Georgia, designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft and Consolas by Lucas de Groot, also for Microsoft.

All photos on the site have been taken with my Canon Powershot G9 that has been repaired only once.